This is an article I recently wrote for our church newsletter…

I highly recommend the book, “Dangerous Wonder-The Adventures of Childlike Faith.”   by Mike Yaconelli.  In fact, I will let you borrow one of my copies to read if you like.  You won’t regret it.  I thought of that book   earlier in May as we were taking communion at the 11 o’clock service.  The children had come back from children’s church to take              communion.  I do not know the exact details of their lesson for that day, but the general idea was “giving.”  The children were given a piece of candy and they were to think of someone to share their candy with. 

As I was serving communion, Braytin caught my attention.  He had taken communion in the  other line and then stepped over beside me.  I didn’t notice him at first but then he made sure I could see him as he was waving a mini snickers bar as high as his arm could reach.  I looked over to see that he was giving the candy bar to me.  As adults, we could say that wasn’t the “appropriate” time to give the piece of candy to the pastor.  As a kid who was expressing his “child-like faith” it was the perfect time.

Jesus didn’t always express his love for people when everyone thought it was appropriate.  He didn’t wait to show compassion since it was the Sabbath.  No, Jesus . . ., and Braytin, did the right thing.  They expressed love and           compassion when the opportunity presented itself.  I learned a lot from Braytin that Sunday morning.  Perhaps you have too.