I remember loving this time of year as a kid. I still do but the reasons have slightly changed. The highlight of thanksgiving was always the simple fact that I had 4 whole days out of school. Most of the time my teachers didn’t even give us homework over the break. The idea of a very short week felt incredible!

Oh, how things change. I find myself on monday morning of thanksgiving week wondering how I will possibly get everything done. Thursday will be here before I know it and after a quick blink of the eye, it’s Sunday (the first Sunday of Advent) and the business will not end.

I’m blogging today from the dentist office while I wait on Tyler and Jenna to finish with the first “braces” consultation, impressions and the ringing of the cash register. As I sat waiting for Jenna, Tyler asked me if I used “touch of gray” this morning. After counting to about a hundred or so, I responded with a simple “no.”. He then informed me that I have a lot of gray. I quickly blamed him and moved on.

I’m not sure what causes our hair to turn and I guess it doesn’t really matter. I suppose stress does have something to do with it. As I approach this week of endless “stuff” to do I will be working to change my perspective. Perhaps you would like to join me. We’re entering “the most wonderful time of the year.”. Perhaps I’ll start acting like it.