It’s been a while since I have sat down to blog.  It seems as though there are always other things that just have to be done “right now” and there is little time for anything else.  As I have moved through this time of Advent, I have been pondering the journey of Mary and Joseph.  It isn’t picture perfect by any means and they certainly had more than their fair share of issues to navigate.  I believe their story is difficult for us to understand simply because our cultures are so different.  I have thought of the things that would have been said to them from those who found out the “secret” they were keeping.  Did they suddenly lose friends and family?  Did the ones they counted on most turn their back on the young couple?  What if this happened today?  I can’t imagine anyone would even consider believing Mary’s story.  I know I wouldn’t believe that kind of story. 

Take a look at this short video entitled “Social Network Christmas”

Would it look like this if we heard this story today?  Pay attention to the “un-friend” part and how true that may really be.