It’s been quite a week to say the very least.  Of course, I already know that I have completely failed at keeping up with the blog and for that I apologize.  This past Thursday I was presented to the clergy session at annual conference and was approved for commissioning.  Though many would say the vote is a “formality”, I would contend that it is still a vote, none the less.  Being told “yes” is still very important and was very nice to have that part of the conference over with. 

While there were several highlights of the week, it was extremely nice having my family with me as I was commissioned on Saturday morning.  I wish I could have spent more time with them during the conference, but just knowing they were there meant the world to me.  Even Tyler, who had to leave shortly before the service was over on Saturday, was able to be there for my commissioning.  For the last several years of finishing school, seminary, CPE, commissioning paperwork and the list goes on, I have often times been preoccupied with the many other things going on around me and unfortunately that was often times not my family.  Yes, they “understand” what this all means, but that doesn’t change how difficult it was. 

So now, I am relieved and yet, I know there is still a very long road ahead.  I have entered into year one of a three-year residency.  (at least three years)  I’m looking forward to it as I continue to serve a wonderful congregation and continue working towards ordination in the UMC.  I am truly blessed.