I can’t believe it is March 31st and I’m yet to blog ANYTHING in 2012.  I even made a commitment (to myself) to get better at this…not worse.  At any rate, this is at least an attempt to begin moving in the right direction again.  I’m not filled with incredible insight or anything crazy like that, at least not today.  Tomorrow begins Holy Week and I feel more than unprepared.  I have had many, many days to do the things I needed to do, in order to be prepared for this time of true passion and love during this movement towards the resurrection.  But alas, I have not done so.

It was just last Friday night and we were getting things ready for the final night of Upward basketball practices, final game day and the end of season celebration.  All of these wonderful things were happening in a matter of 24 hours.  What’s more, I was not happy with the sermon that I had prepared for that Sunday and felt that God was wanting me to do something more with it.  I looked at Amy and said, “You know, in just a few short weeks I will be past Upward, Easter and CPE!”  Ok, I’m sure you get the Upward part.  It was an awesome season but I’m ready to have a saturday that isn’t spent at the church all day with games.  Perhaps you understand the CPE part.  This is part of my ordination process in which I am a chaplain at a local hospital and have classes there as well.  I spend eight hours a week doing clinical time, 4 hours of class and two 12 hour on call session per month.  I am ready for that to be behind me. 

What I can’t believe is that I linked Easter in with all that.  I want to be past Easter????!!!!!!!!!  I can’t believe I said it and I certainly can’t believe I’m blogging about it.  After much thought, I have realized that it isn’t Easter that I want to have behind me, but the business that comes with Easter.  I think of my pastor friends and those in ministry for the Kingdom during this time of year.  We spend a great deal of time doing our best to help others experience the resurrection of our living God and help foster their relationship with Jesus Christ…and for ourselves…???????????

I can’t say I have the answer, but I can say that I am most definitely making sure that my relationship with God isn’t just about making sure others have a relationship with God.